FSFL IMS – developing a Laboratory Information Management System for the Faecal Sludge Field Laboratory

All field schools and the deployment to Cox’s Bazar have shown that data management is on one side crucial for successful laboratory operations and on the other side hard to teach during field training.

The Swedish Red Cross is funding the FSFL IMS project in which the Austrian Red Cross will develop a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for the FSFL. The LIMS will be based on Senaite, an open source LIMS and adapted to the needs of the FSFL (e.g. laboratory processes and methods will already be added). However, the FSFL not only needs a dedicated LIMS but also a collaborative, local server based work environment, which will also be included and preconditioned for the FSFL.

On a hardware side we want to use Synology Network Attached Storage Devices, as they are IFRC standard equipment, but also develop an open source prototype based on a Raspberry Pi.

We will kick off the project end of February and keep you updated on the projects progress.